Implementation of Harmonia Housing Estate project

Osiedle Harmonia

The Investor

Company Bartla Development Sp. z o. o. with a registered office in Cracow, entered in the National Court Register under number 0000557302, is a company established for the construction of Harmonia housing estate.

The team managing the project, the company shareholders and its employees have extensive experience gained over the years in residential and commercial property development projects all over the country. Together we make a team of construction enthusiasts.

We have already built and handed over to our clients more than 500 flats! For our clients we carry out every investment with utmost care and attention. We focus on functionality and quality of the flats and a common life space. With this we build the sense of security and trust placed in us. Thank you.

Apart from Osiedle Harmonia, through independent SPVs the Investor currently carries out other investments in Cracow – ZakÄ…tek Tyniecki estate of single-family houses and Apartamenty Facimiech housing complex.